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Created by, Juliano Dobis

At the pace of conservation: adopt a viola ray

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Civil Society Organization
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Av. Beira-Mar, 4073, Pontal do Paraná - PR, 83255-000, Brasil

Project Story

Tell us more about the proposed solution of the project.How will it work?

This proposal aims to establish a crowdfunding program in which citizens can donate specific amounts of money that will be used to save viola rays from incidental capture by commercial fisheries.

Releases have been taking place since 2010 and the conservation program has already returned more than 4,000 individuals to the wild, practically zeroing landings of the snout ray, one of the species covered by this proposal. Since financial compensation has proved to be an effective social tool for dealing with this conservation problem, the inclusion of society in the form of donations could boost the feeling of belonging and empowerment, after all, you can't preserve what you don't know, love and respect.

Three donation quotas will be proposed, based on the price paid for each individual saved. One of the quotas will allow the donor to save 5 rays, at a cost of 25 reais. The other quota will allow the donor to save 10 rays, at a cost of 50 reais. Finally, the premium quota will allow the donor to save 20 rays, with a donation of 100 reais. All donors will be able to adopt the rays, receiving certificates with information about the rays and a video of the releases, as well as photos of the adopted animals and a booklet with information about the species.

Tell us more about the challenge of the project.What is the problem you are trying to solve? Why is the problem significant?

Violet rays are among the most endangered vertebrates on the planet and are particularly affected by incidental capture in small and medium-sized commercial fisheries. Given the low commercial value of these animals, release practices with financial compensation for low-income fishermen are promising ways to conserve the species without harming people in situations of social vulnerability, such as artisanal fishermen.

What will be the main activities of the project and how will the resources be applied?

The main activities will be to monitor fishing landings on the coast of Paraná in order to obtain the animals to be rescued. The funds will be invested in the purchase of the animals for the symbolic price of five reais each and, if possible, the costs of transporting the team from the point of landing to the point where the animals will be released, which will be established according to calm oceanographic conditions that are favorable for the animals to recover from the stress they suffer from fishing.

Action Location

Pontal do Paraná, PR, Brasil

R$ 10.0 2023-11-30

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